The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The cannabis legalisation policies in the 29 states and Washington DC varies. While a few states permit cultivation of cannabis at home as well as medical marijuana dispensaries, others may only allow home cultivation or only marijuana dispensaries.


There are worldwide researches being conducted on the benefits of medical marijuana. There are conclusive studies claiming how effective it is in treating epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, pain, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD and anxiety.


The legalisation of this green herb is popularly supported in the United States. Out of the 73% of American voters backing medical marijuana, 76% were independents, 61% Republicans and 80% Democrats, according to the Pew Research Center survey, 2010.


The legalisation and the medical researches have been successful after a long battle as the federal government needed strong scientific data to follow in this direction.


The incredible uses of cannabis products like CBD oil, cannabis seeds (like dutch seeds), strains are being used for effective treatments and varied usage.

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