Marijuana & Fitness: How They Relate to Each Other

Marijuana & Fitness: How They Relate to Each Other

Throughout history, people have never related fitness to marijuana. These two worlds have never intertwined. Actually, the vast majority of people still believe that Mary Jane and working out are diametric opposites. You have a healthy lifestyle on one side and an illegal substance on the other. But is that really the case? It is becoming obvious that marijuana (medical) will be legalized in the near future and there must be a good reason for it. But how is this plant related to fitness? Can it actually relate to fitness? Let’s find out.

Marijuana’s presence in sports

It is no secret that many athletes praise this herb. Some even claim that marijuana is an excellent training aid. Numerous players from the NFL, NBA and NHL have had trouble with authorities due to the use of marijuana. However, there are some rumours that these leagues will lessen their tight grip on the rules that deal with marijuana usage. Of course, as long as it’s legal marijuana, not the one bought off the street. A study in the UK showed that cannabis is no more dangerous than junk food and The Atlantic published an article where they stated the following: “Should pro football ban Chicken McNuggets, too?” Clearly, there are some initiatives for legalization, at least to some extent when it comes to sports. Considering that some thirty years ago, there were almost no initiatives of any kind when it came to cannabis, this is a huge step forward.

Marijuana & FitnessMarijuana and exercising

Do you remember a certain man who used to govern the state of California? A huge man who’s actually an actor and originates from Europe? Yes, the person in question is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr Universe was probably one of the most prominent advocates of this herb. He praised marijuana and claimed how it can relax the body after a workout and also increase the appetite which is great for those who’d like to gain muscle mass. And Arnold is not the only professional bodybuilder that believes in the powers of cannabis. Many athletes know that marijuana can be fit into a healthy lifestyle, but the key is to find the right balance. It’s all about moderation. For example, CBD oil is great for health when you dose it correctly, but don’t overdo it. Also, it is quite important not to mix marijuana use and exercise directly. It is not a good idea to dose yourself before heading out for some lifting. Wait until you’re done and relax a bit before you take in any cannabis. For example, mix in medical marijuana into your post-workout shake. Just remember to always check the quality of the product. Make sure that you’re buying products that come from a well-nourished marijuana flower. Many companies use chemicals to enhance the flower, which is not good. Find a reliable brand that takes good care of actually growing the plant properly.

Marijuana & FitnessBeware of munchies

No one can deny that consuming cannabis results in hunger. Therefore, it is really important to avoid packing pounds while trying to enhance your fitness progress with the help of medical marijuana. Plan ahead and prepare some healthy snacks to satisfy the munchies. Avoid carb-loading, avoid junk snacks. Considering that it’s advised to take marijuana after exercise, you have to make sure that you always drink a high-protein shake before the workout. However, the surest way to avoid the munchies is to combine marijuana use with eating. For example, there are marijuana edibles and they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. You can even find plenty of recipes online on how you can mix marijuana with healthy snacks. And we’re not talking about hash brownies! These are some tricks to avoid putting on unnecessary pounds due to the increase in appetite.

Use it responsibly

Finding the perfect workout and strain of marijuana is not the whole story. Many people then struggle with over consumption. Because of that, many claim that moderation is the most important aspect of fitting medical marijuana into a healthy lifestyle. Figure out what your tolerance is and determine the dosage. Do not succumb to any harmful side effects. It’s best to start with small doses and then gradually increase them until you hit the sweet spot. Just because you want to eat more to become bigger doesn’t mean that you can forget about dosage and overuse it. Be responsible and don’t overindulge.


Determine your fitness goals, see how marijuana can fit into your fitness journey and do some research on your own. Before starting to use it, educate yourself and assess the whole situation. Marijuana can aid everyone’s fitness progress as long as there’s responsibility.


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