What are Adaptogens? Is Cannabis One?


An adaptogen is an organic substance, that helps you physically adapt to and do better in life. It’s called an adaptogen as it adapts itself to the user’s needs.  It also helps adjust the body’s response on the cellular level to the various stresses put upon it.

The way cannabis affects you is based on its interaction with your biological chemistry and personality as they change day by day. As a cannabis user, you may experience cannabis as an adaptogen when you’ll notice that the same bud affects you differently at different times. It is also possible that two people can inhale the same cannabis and feel completely different effects. This shows the adaptive nature of cannabis.


Is Cannabis An Adaptogen


Beneficial Impacts of Adaptogens on your Body

In general, a characteristic of an adaptogen is that it adapts to the needs of the user, to create an interactive experience that tends towards healing.

An adaptogen is beneficial in many ways such as increasing energy, decrease anxiety, lifting mood and decreasing depression. It also Increases appetite, overcomes chronic pain and can help fight cancer.

Adaptogens tend to create a more youthful feeling. They can increase strength and stamina in your body. They can be majorly helpful in decreasing the dependence on caffeine and other pharmaceutical products.

It is believed that adaptogens tend to continuously restore the body’s natural balance by slowing the systems down when they’re overheated and speed them up when they’re lethargic.

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are categorized as adaptogens. These cannabinoids are the compounds extracted from the cannabis plant and have numerous health benefits.

Some of the major health and wellness benefits provided by these cannabinoids are –

  • Improving the function of organs such as liver, heart, kidneys, brain
  • Increasing memory and mental clarity
  • Decreasing post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Fighting insomnia
  • Fight Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and similar disorders
  • Fight against obesity and diabetes
  • Increase the ability to deal with stress
  • Makes your skin glowing and stress-free


Is Cannabis An Adaptogen


Cannabis – An Adaptogen for Flawless Skin

While dealing with chronic stress, you face stressful situations. Your body releases hormones in response to deal with the potential threat generated by stress. These hormones are activated through your adrenal glands.

Consumption of cannabis acts as an adaptogen and supports the adrenal glands making them efficient for the response. It also helps shut them down more quickly and stop your body from reacting to stress.

As this special group of herbs is known to help your body adapt to its environment. In stressful situations, it helps to maintain and restore the balance of the body and normalize your physiological response to prevent your body and mind from becoming exhausted due to stress. This protects your skin and body from the adverse effects of stress and the damage of hormones that stress releases.



cannabis for stress release


Cannabis isn’t the only adaptogen with the widest range of spiritual, psychological, and medical benefits. There are a number of adaptogens like American Ginseng,  Asian White Ginseng, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Eleuthero, Ashwagandha, and a lot more. These adaptogenic herbs are referred to as “Ancient Healers” as they have been used for thousands of years for ancient healing practices. Many people might still not be aware of them. While the use of cannabis too have been dated back to the ancient times and is found to be used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it should be utilized to its highest potential in present-day world as well.

You can find cannabis in a number of hybrid strains consisting of different flavours, providing specific medical benefits. The most popular ones being OG kush, strawberry kush strain, khalifa kush strain, etc.


Cannabis, an adaptogen


Cannabis is easily available at various medical marijuana dispensaries around the world. You should always refer to a marijuana doctor or any professional herbalist before start using adaptogens like Marijuana, Rhodiola Rosea, Reishi, and Schizandra, etc.

That’s the best way for you to gain more information about their beneficial and negative impacts and to know how these adaptogens will work for you. You can also find out about how to source and ingest them through proper consultation.

Cannabis seeds in USA are really referred to as miraculous apart from just being a recreational herb. The adaptogenic properties of cannabis are what makes it an elixir.

You might also realize that an adaptogen can help you more than pharmaceutical medicines, providing no harsh side effects that chemical medicines come with.

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