Easy Tooth Pain With Natural Remedies

Tooth pain never hits you if you have good oral hygiene. Tooth pain is insufferable pain which doesn’t allow you to continue your work. There are several reasons behind this unbearable pain like tooth cavities, decay and also poor oral dental care. 

Imagine that it is Sunday, suddenly you are hit by this unbearable pain, and all the dentist clinic is off! Then what can you do? Stop worrying, and there are lots of natural ways to get rid of tooth pain with the help of household products. 

Before knowing the treatment, you should also be aware of the causes of tooth pain.  

Causes of Tooth Pain: 

  • Tooth decay 
  • Abscess 
  • Thinning tooth enamel 
  • Poor oral dental care 
  • Old dental work or cracked teeth 
  • Gum disease 
  • TMJ disorders 
  • Pulpitis 
  • Sinus infection 
  • Impacted tooth 
  • Diabetes 
  • Heart Disease 

Well – means you come to know some common causes of tooth pain. It is true that whenever tooth pain occurs, you probably ask yourself how to stop tooth pain? No doubt the dentist is always the best option, but many people can’t afford the dentist. So, there is no need to worry! For those people, there are plenty of home remedies for tooth pain which helps to get rid of it within no time. Well – here you can explore effective tooth pain home remedies. These all are best-proven tooth pain remedies through which you can get an immediate result. The below natural remedies for tooth pain is also best to treat severe tooth pain within no time.

How to Stop Tooth Pain – Explore The Natural Remedies for Tooth Pain: 

Follow the below home remedies for tooth pain and get immediate results. As mentioned earlier all these natural remedies for tooth pain is also best for getting rid of severe tooth pain.  

Clove Oil: 

Why Cloves? 

Cloves help to numb the pain and reduce the inflammation as it contains a natural anesthetic called eugenol. 

How to Use It for Tooth Pain Relief? 

Take a cotton ball and drip a drop or two on it. Apply the cotton ball directly to the affected area. 

Is Clove Oil Safe? 

Not entirely! Clove oil can irritate the sensitive areas of your mouth if it comes to contact with them. It may also hurt your tongue. So, you ought to apply it carefully. 

Peppermint Tea Bags: 

Why Peppermint Tea Bags? 

Maybe you never heard this before! Peppermint tea bags is the best-proven remedy which helps to reduce pain and soothe infectious gums. Peppermint is similar to clove both are useful for treating tooth pain. 

How to Use It for Tooth Pain Relief? 

You can use peppermint tea bags in the following two ways: 

  • Take a cooled tea bag and apply it directly to the throbbing area. Leave tea bag on the affected area at least 20 minutes 
  • You can put the tea bag in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes after that apply it directly on the affected tooth. Same as mentioned above leave it for maximum 20 minutes.  

Is Peppermint Tea Bags Safe? 

Yes, it is entirely safe as it is a herbal tooth pain relief remedy. It doesn’t hurt or irritates the sensitive area of your mouth. 

Salt Water Treatment: 

Why Salt Water? 

Saltwater solution is ever best to clean out an infected area, loosening debris and food particles and helps to get relief instantly. It is also quite effective to reduce inflammation and heal any oral wounds due to its anti-bacterial properties.

How to Use It for Tooth Pain Relief? 

  • Take ½ tsp of salt and a glass of warm water 
  • Swish a small amount of salt water for 30 seconds 
  • You can repeat the same process once or twice a day to get rid of tooth pain 

Is Salt Water Safe? 

Yes, it is entirely safe! As salt water is a natural solution and many dentists also recommended this remedy for your mouth.  


Why Garlic? 

Garlic contains anti-bacterial properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria of your mouth. It also removes the bacteria that cause dental plaque. Garlic is always the best pain reliever.  

How to Use It for Tooth Pain Relief? 

You can use Garlic in the following two ways: 

  • You can mash a fresh clove of garlic and add a dash of salt, then mix both very well to make a paste. Apply the paste directly to the affected area 
  • Put the piece of garlic clove on the affected tooth and chew it. 
  • To get the instant result, you ought to repeat the same process twice or thrice a day. 

Is Garlic Safe? 

Yes, it is entirely safe! It is a natural remedy. This natural agent never irritates the sensitive area of your mouth.  

Thankfully – you come to know about the natural tooth pain home remedies. Now, no need to worry, you can treat tooth pain yourself with the household products. 

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