Cystic Acne – Causes

Cystic Acne – Causes and Home Treatment

You must be one of the luckiest person on earth you haven’t suffered ever the cystic acne. One of the most common skin issue most of the people face is something you can’t ignore or leave untreated. It’s something that can mar the beauty of your face if mistreated or left untreated.  

What is Cystic Acne? 

Cystic acne is a kind of painful acne that develops mostly on the cheeks under your skin and you feel inflammation and irritation. 

Cystic acne normally erupts on your face when the oil and dirt stuck in your pores and cause infection. This infection is the main cause of inflammation that bumps out make a red mark on your skin which is painful. It develops under your skin with no head so you can’t pop it out like a normal acne or pimple which has yellow head.  

People facing dust, oily skins and teenagers are more prone to cystic acne. Major cystic acne causes are oil and dirt. Teenagers’ skin produces more oil and they are not much careful about their skin that’s why oil, dirt and humidity clogs their skin pores and burst out in the form of cystic acne. Now you know the major cystic acne causes so you must try to keep your skin oil and dirt free specially in sweaty hot days. 

Most of the times you’ll observe cystic acne on cheeks but as your complete face is open to dust so it can be anywhere on the face like on forehead, eyebrows and even on chin. Cystic acne on chin and eyebrows are more painful than cystic acne on cheeks. Wherever it is, cystic acne home treatment shouldn’t be delayed if you love your spotless fresh skin.

Cystic Acne – Causes and Home Treatment

Cystic Acne Causes

Major external factors that causes cystic acne – as discussed earlier – are dirt and oil but there are various other cystic acne causes. What causes cystic acne, here we’re going to read in detail: 


According to skin experts and dermatologists, cystic acne can be transmitted from generations to generations. It can be in your genetics. If your parents had this skin problem, then most probably you will have to face the same issue specially during your teen age.  


Hormonal cystic acne is more common in females than in males. In your body, the androgen hormones are responsible to control sebaceous glands which produces oil. Overstimulation of oil glands can leave your skin oil and hence oil and bacteria can be stuck in your skin pores causing cystic acne. Women having hormonal imbalance during or before periods may face hormonal cystic acne just few days before their periods starts. 


Apart from androgen, there’s another hormone called cortisol which can stimulate oil glands and cortisol can be triggered easily when you are under stress. Overthinking and stress can be one of the most common indirect cystic acne causes specially on the forehead and even on the head skin. 

Irregular Sleep 

If you are not having enough sleep or having irregular sleep then congratulations! You’re more prone to cystic acne. And if you already have cystic acne on back or on face then it’s going to be worse just because of lack of sleep or even due to your irregular sleeping habit.  

Processed Food

According to dermatologists, the processed food is not good for your skin. So if you want to keep your skin fresh and healthy, you must avoid processed food to keep your skin safe from cystic acne. And avoid processed food at every cost if you’re already having the cystic acne issue. It can make the situation worse and more chances are there that cystic acne may leave permanent marks on your face. 

Once cystic acne appears on your skin, you must try some cystic acne treatment at home. For more remedies and cystic acne treatments, you can Google for “how to get rid of cystic acne” and then you can find some home based cystic acne treatment.  

Prevention is better than cure so it’s better not to make yourself an easy target for cystic acne. Try to take healthy food on time. Take proper sleep every day and try to keep your face clean and oil free. Banana and whole grain cereal is the natural cystic acne treatment that you can find even at your home. Try healthy diet and keep your skin fresh to stay away from cystic acne. 

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