5 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About CBD

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Medical Marijuana is one of the hottest topics in the medical and legal scene everywhere. Whether to legalize marijuana or not is the question in the debate. While some countries have legalized the use of marijuana for medical use, many of them have not or are still considering the case. While marijuana is beneficial in treating many ailments like anxiety, depression, post-operative pain, few types of cancer and so on. But there are few facts that every cannabis lover should know. So, here you go with 5 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About CBD.

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#1 CBD Enhances Anti-Inflammatory responses 

Cannabidiol, found in cannabis strains like black diamond strain helps in pain relief. In order to understand this, let us look at how pain occurs. 

Inflammation is a natural response by the defense mechanism of the body to repair damaged tissues or expel foreign bodies from the body. This may sometimes stimulate nerves and cause pain. Sometimes, certain conditions called autoimmune diseases like arthritis trigger this defense mechanism and cause inflammation when there is actually no foreign body to fight off. This results in immense pain for no apparent reason. In such conditions, the body’s defense mechanism which should protect the tissues is involved in the damage of its own tissues.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce this inflammation by reducing this mechanism. So, CBD helps to reduce the pain caused due to these autoimmune conditions. What more, there are no side-effects in consuming CBD along with anabolic steroids for pain relief.

#2 Has anti-psychotic properties 

This is an excellent example of how nature strikes a balance in its creation. Cannabis has two compounds – CBD being one of them and THC (Tetrahydro cannabidiol) being the other. THC has psychotic properties, i.e., you get a euphoric feeling (“high”) when you consume THC. CBD acts as a counter to this. CBD has anti-psychotic properties i.e., it helps to reduce the “highs” caused by THC. 

This is especially useful in treating patients with mental disorders which cause psychotic hallucinations and anxiety-like schizophrenia (NCBI). CBD calms the patients, thus reducing their symptoms and making their lives easier.  

#3 Impedes growth of Tumours 

Tumors occur as a result of a process called metastasis, which results in the growth of buds from the primary site of cancer. CBD, along with other cannabis compounds helps control this abnormal growth of cells, thus checking the further spread of cancer. This is one of the miraculous properties of cannabis.  

CBD also helps to kill the abnormal cancerous cells, thus nipping the problem at the bud. Many researchers are increasingly researching this aspect of cannabis and CBD so that the patients of cancer could save themselves from the painful cancers.  

What more, CBD also helps reduce the chances of cancers in dogs and other pets. Dog owners give them small doses of CBD in the form of CBD dog treats in order to prevent cancer. 

#4 Helps with Clinical Endocannabinoid deficiency 

Yes, there is a condition called Endocannabinoid deficiency where your body does not produce adequate amounts of endocannabinoids which are necessary for a healthy life. Some of the studies show that Clinical Endocannabinoid deficiency(CED) has a role to play in conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Autism, Motion sickness, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. (NCBI) 

These ailments are currently treated with a number of pharmaceutical drugs which come with mild to heavy side effects. If we find out the Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED) for sure causes these conditions, then that will be a breakthrough, as CBD can be used to enhance the levels of endocannabinoids in the body without the side effects. 

#5 Help Beat Oxidative Stress 

Whenever there is an invasion of antibodies into the body, the immune system naturally produces antibodies in the form of free radicals. These free radicals cause some harmful effects. TO combat this, the body produces antioxidants.  

Oxidative Stress happens when there is an imbalance between the levels of free radicals and the anti-oxidants. Whenever this happens, the free radicals do not get neutralized, this increases their damage to the molecules in the body which we call toxification of the body. Basically, the body is not able to detoxify itself. 

Cannabidiol, extracted from the hemp plant which is in high concentration has rich amounts of anti-oxidants, which support the body to repair the molecules which the free radicals damage and also to neutralize the oxidative stress.  

Here is a bonus fact. 

Bonus: CBD is Just one of the hundreds of compounds found in Cannabis 

Yes, contradictory to the popular belief, CBD is not the only compound present in cannabis. There are other compounds like THC, terpenes and hundreds of others which are not yet discovered. This pushes us into darkness while deciding what could be the effects of CBD isolated from cannabis as many compounds could interact with each other to produce the desired effect while consuming cannabis. So, isolated CBD may not be as effective as cannabis for some of the conditions. 

These were the 5 + 1 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About CBD. There are many more exciting facts about CBD and make sure you know each one of them.  

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