About CBD Oil and Its Benefits

CBD Oil and It’s Benefits

CBD is a cannabinoid compound that is found in the Cannabis sativa plant also known as the Hemp plant.

CBD oil is made from stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant which is a relative of the Cannabis plant.

It does not make users high compared to THC, and hence it is used as a food supplement.

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CBD products have a broad range of effects on the most substantial body’s system that is responsible for regulating health. It has receptors that control anxiety, mood, and calmness. And other receptors that offer quality and depth of sleep, control memory, energy levels, stress levels, body temperature, pain tolerance, and appetite.

Researchers have been experimenting with animal and human cell culture models to discover some of the benefits of CBD Oil and its compounds. There are still many scientific communities keeping watching on the CBD developments closely.

CBD is safe because it has minimal effect on CB1 and CB2 receptors and does not have mind-altering effects. CB1 receptors are abundant in the brain including those concerned with coordination, movement, sensory perception and pain, memory, emotion, cognition, endocrine and autonomic functions.

CB2 receptors reduce inflammation and other kinds of pain in the immune system. Cannabinoids have similar structures, but they display a wide array of actions at the different receptors. CBD oil comes in capsules, pills, sprays, chewing gum and tinctures. Some of its benefits include:

  1. It relieves pain and inflammatory

By inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways, it has proven to be useful in pain modulation. Inflammation is accompanied by pain, mood swings and stiffness. Using CBD oil aids in blocking receptors which trigger inflammation and minimize oxidative stress.

According to research, CBD and other nonpsychoactive components of cannabis Sativa may represent a class of therapeutic agents used for the treatment of chronic pain. However, the jury is still concerned about how useful CBD oils and extracts are for inflammation.

However, people who have been struggling with inflammation-related diseases like arthritis report that the CBD oils, creams and extracts containing CBD help them with some of their symptoms.

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  1. It reduces anxiety

Anxiety is a mental disorder that is usually handled using prescription drugs which tend to do more harm. Prescription drugs can worsen symptoms or act as tranquillizers. CBD oil is much more preferred when it comes to dealing with anxiety because it has a natural composition facilitated by serotonin processing.

It helps manage instances of panic attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and social phobias. Patients who have been pretreated with CBD oil have significantly reduced anxiety, discomfort in their speech performance, cognitive impairment and decreased alert in their anticipatory speech.

Researchers suggest that it can be effective for obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. They found out that pretreatment with the oil reduced anxiety, discomfort in their speech performance, cognitive impairment and decreased their alertness in anticipation of their speech.

  1. It has Antipsychotic effects

CBD has a pharmacological profile similar to atypical antipsychotic drugs according to animal studies. It can prevent human experimental psychosis. It has shown to be effective in clinical trials for patients with schizophrenia.

  1. It promotes cardiovascular health

Using Animal models, a study by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reported that CBD protects against vascular damage which is caused by inflammation, high glucose environment, or type 2 diabetes. The oil reduces hypervascular permeability associated with high glucose conditions.

It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help keep the arteries free of fat deposits. It acts as a blood thinner, by eliminating the threat of potentially damaging blood clots. It’s vasorelaxation properties fulfil the aesthetic purpose by diminishing the aspect of varicose veins as a result of standing too much.


  1. It helps with Epileptic seizures

Epileptic seizures are neurological disorders characterized by episodic seizures. Research has shown that CBD can minimize seizures or eliminate them entirely for patients who are regular users. It has shown results even for other forms of epilepsy-like Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet Syndrome.

In a CNN documentary, CBD extraction improves Charlotte’s conditions, a child who was suffering from the dravet syndrome. The oil is an efficient and relatively potent anticonvulsant in maximal electroshock and audiogenic seizures.

It showed to have other benefits for seizure patients like increased alertness, improved sleep, and a better mood.

  1. It Relieves Nausea

For centuries, Cannabis has been used to suppress nausea and vomiting. It has the intoxicant THC and non-intoxicant CBD compounds that help get rid of nausea.  It acts in a diphasic manner, in small doses, it suppresses toxin-induced vomiting. In high doses, it could increase nausea or have not effect.

  1. It Helps Fight Cancer

The CBD oil has antiproliferative, pro-apoptotic effects that inhibit adhesion, invasion and cell migration. In a study by Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, CBD selectively and potently inhibited the growth of different breast tumour cells for the first time. It exhibited less potency in noncancer cells.

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CBD induces cell death in breast cancer cells because it induces concentration-dependent cell death of oestrogen receptor-negative and oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells. Researchers found out that the concentrations of CBD in the tumour cells have little effect on the mammary cells.

It can combat the expansion of tumour growths by blocking cancer cells from developing and spreading out throughout the body.  It helps fight breast cancer cells, invasion of lung and colon cancer and it has anti-tumor properties in gliomas that have been used to treat leukaemia.

  1. It lowers incidences of diabetes

A study in 2006 found that CBD reduces the impact of diabetes in non-obese diabetic in a study performed on mice. Diabetes affects the quality of people’s lives, usually as an outcome of poor dietary or unlucky genes.

Regular utilization of cannabinoid compound drastically reduces the incidence of diabetes. It contributes to active management by regulating glucose production, stabilizes glycemic levels and promotes improved immunomodulatory reactions within the body. This means that it can allow more cases of diabetes being managed through fewer instances of insulin treatments and proper dieting.

  1. It helps subside depression

A large number of people do not like to discuss mental disorder despite the fact that they a serious problem in our modern age. CBD oil can regulate the behaviour of serotonin and other hormonal receptors positively.

A study was published highlighting the impact of marijuana use on insulin, glucose and insulin resistance among adults. The researchers established that CBD could lower fasting insulin levels. CBD has an effect that helps you stay focused and active when you take it in small doses. If you take it in large doses, it has a sedative effect.

It can be used to ameliorate the side effects of depression as well as low energy, fatigue, and suicidal thoughts. However, to use the oil as antidepressant one needs to discuss it with their psychiatrist first.


  1. It helps cure Insomnia

Whether you are experiencing insomnia as a result of substance abuse, trauma or chronic conditions, it all boils down to the outcome of tiredness, poor quality of day-to-day life and irritability. CBD has a soothing effect on the triggers of insomnia because it has an ameliorating factor.

By introducing cannabidiol oil into your salads, smoothies or your diet of choice, while combining it with strict sleeping hygiene can have a positive impact on you and allow to have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Helps with Skin Problems

CBD oil has antioxidant and rejuvenating qualities that are a result of the product’s high content of nutrients, especially the fatty acids. Fatty acids in it ensure proper moisturizing for the skin. It boosts cellular regeneration and collagen production by diminishing oxidative stress.

You can buy CBD-based cosmetic products like lotions or serums or just massage the oil into your skin regularly!

  1. Helps Suppress Smoking Addiction

Nicotine has addictive and noxious effects that make it difficult for people to break the habit of smoking. If you are smoker trying to quit, the oil provides an ideal transitioning product. It deters the need for nicotine and does away with the symptoms linked to withdrawal from cigarettes. You could smoke it or use the oil as a healthier substitute for nicotine.

  1. It helps with Immunity

Weakened immune system or autoimmune diseases make the entire body vulnerable to different outcomes. Studies are showing that CBD oil potentially eliminates imbalances and give nutritional boost because it has rich components of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. CBD’s bacterial property eliminates bacteria that threaten to make you sick.

Why Women In Particular Will Benefit From CBD Oil

Women have so many issues that distract them from living life to the fullest:

Stress– Women can maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system by regularly consuming CBD and improve their resilience to stress. It will help them reduce stress and existing feelings of anxiety.  A cannabinoid is found in parts of the brain that regulates fears, moods, and stress.

PMS – Women experience unpleasant sensations due to monthly hormonal imbalances. CBD contains essential fatty acids that can help get hormones back into balance. Apply the oil directly on your abdomen to get a cooling relief.

Headaches – Women have problems associated with their muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the head and neck as a result of over-activity. CBD oil will desensitize pain receptors at the nerve level. It will bring you relief to the throbbing pain that keeps you from enjoying your days.

Pain – With spinning class and other events women have in their daily schedules, inflammation occurs as a result of the pain they incur in some of these events. CBD is analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and it can be used to ease the pain. The CBD oil will help women combat inflammation and discomfort.

Some of The CBD Oil products you can safely use

Tinctures – some tinctures are oil based. They allow for consistent dosing since they are measured in droppers which make them easier to use. Depending on how much you are looking to consume, just squeeze a few drops and hold it for a few seconds under the tongue. It will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so your body won’t waste it. Some of the tinctures sold online are CW Hemp.

Creams and Salves – They are more bioavailable than other methods because it absorbed through the skin. They have additional therapeutic value. The Sagely Naturals’ Relief & Recovery Cream has essential peppermint oil and menthol which is great for pain relief since you feel the analgesic effects almost immediately.

Capsules – If you prefer water-soluble formulas, use Sagely Natural’s CBD and Turmeric Capsules. They are soluble in the digestive tract meaning bioavailability and potency.

Vape pens – the vapour goes straight into the circulation because of its high bioavailability. Because lungs are highly permeable, this is a good method.

Final Thought

The research on the benefits of cannabis is high, and it has proven to have persistent effects on mental health. For some users, the use of CBD could lead to undesirable effects. Some of the negative effects are paranoia, cognitive impairment, anxiety and increased risks of developing drug addiction or chronic psychosis.

However, it also shows that it has significant benefits like acting as anticonvulsants, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antiemetic, antipsychotic agents and anxiolytics. For these reasons, it has the potential to treat epilepsy, neuroinflammation, oxidative injury, anxiety, vomiting and nausea, and schizophrenia.

Up to 17 states approve the use of high CBD products for medical reasons in limited situations. Each state has made sure that some specific requirements and conditions should be followed to use CBD legally.

In case you need to use CBD oil ensure that you have patient registry requirements and make sure your doctor gives you definitions of the products you should use. To be on the safe side, do not let yourself be a victim of counterfeit and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Most results have had promising and powerful implications. CBD is finally allowing patients to use the natural plant as a remedy for many disorders which is a good thing. Then again, there is a reason the progress is slow, more reason you need to be safe and get assurance from a professional that it would be useful for you.